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UFSS 2016 Symposium Tours – Urban Food Systems Symposium

UFSS 2016 Symposium Tours

 As part of the 2016 Urban Food Systems Symposium registration, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy organized bus tours to see what is happening in the Kansas City metropolitan region.


These tours are being delivered in coordination with the 2016 Urban Grown Farm Tour, which is an annual urban farm and garden tour that is hosted by Cultivate Kansas City. Cultivate KC is a partner organization in the Urban Food Systems Symposium and we are excited to show symposium participants all the great things going on in the region.

Tour #1

This tour will include several urban farms in Kansas City as well as lunch at the Kauffman Gardens.  It will also feature a Montessori Farm School, the Cultivate KC Production/Training Farm, two community gardens, and the Sustainable Ag farm at Johnson County Community College.

Little Sprouts Montessori
2514 s 49th Terrace, KCK, 66106

Cultivate Kansas City – Gibbs Road Farm
4223 Gibbs Road, KCK, 66106

The Ivanhoe Children’s Garden & Scouts Sprouts Ivanhoe Demonstration Garden
The Toni & Zora Memory Garden
3700 Woodland, KCMO, 64109

Woodland City Organics
1804 E 36th Street, KCMO, 64109

Kansas City Community Gardens – Kauffman Community Garden & Orchard
4750 Troost Ave, KCMO 64110

Johnson County Community College – Open Petal Farm
12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS, 66210

Tour #2

Includes the Cultivate KC Refugee incubator farm and one started by a graduate. We will visit 18 Broadway, an iconic garden downtown, and have lunch at the City Market, the oldest farmer’s market in the area. This tour includes a communal neighborhood farm as well as an aquaponics facility.

Cultivate Kansas City – Juniper Gardens Training Farm
100 Richmond Ave, KCK, 66061

Karen Fresh
5626 Farrow Ave, KCK, 64104

18 Broadway
18th and Broadway, KCMO, 64108

City Market
5th and Walnut, KCMO, 64106

Longfellow Farm
920 E. 30th Street, KCMO, 64109

Nile Valley Aquaponics
29th and Wabash, KCMO, 64127

Tour #3

This tour will visit southern KCMO and will include a non-for-profit training farm for teenage boys, an urban livestock farm, and City Bitty Farm, home of Four-Season Tools. It will also include an urban homestead and a grocery store that specializes in locally-grown foods.

9301 E. 147th St., KCMO, 64149

Bonnie View KC
9903 Grandview Rd, KCMO, 64137

City Bitty / Four Season Tools
9615 Grandview Road, KCMO, 64137

 Loud House Farm
4206 E 113, KCMO, 64137

Local Roots
Grandview, MO 64030






UFSS 2022 LOCATION – Kansas City, Missouri

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