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Call for Abstracts/Presentations – Urban Food Systems Symposium

Call for Abstracts/Presentations



Notification of Presentation Status and Format

Submitters will be notified by February 3, 2020 of their acceptance to the symposium program and their designated presentation format.

Selection Process

Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee after the submission deadline based on relevancy to the Urban Food Systems Symposium in addition to quality. All abstracts are subject to the same rules for acceptability, regardless of presentation method. We expect to let authors know if their abstracts have been accepted by February 3, 2020.

Presenter Registration

All presenters must register and pay for the UFSS conference by  July 20, 2020 or their abstract will be withdrawn.

Manuscript Submission

All oral presenters, including invited and keynote speakers, will be required to submit a manuscript for publication in the Symposium Proceedings. If this is not agreed to by the author(s), the work can be presented as a poster.  All accepted poster presentations are eligible for publication in the proceedings if a suitable manuscript is prepared and submitted on time to the Editorial Board. Manuscripts must be submitted by October 3, 2020

Click here for more information about presentation and manuscript guidelines.





UFSS 2022 LOCATION – Kansas City, Missouri

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