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2018 Optional Tours – Urban Food Systems Symposium

2018 Optional Tours

Participants will have the opportunity to explore the urban food systems landscape in the Twin Cities through organized bus tours before and after UFSS.*

*Additional fees will apply at registration

Picnic Tour and Exploration of the New Urban Food System Landscape

Wednesday August 8th 10 am- 4 pm

This tour of Twin Cities agricultural sites conveys highlights of Ramsey County’s current vibrant engagement with urban food systems work. Pointing out several sites where residents and neighbors are building garden, orchard, and farm networks in parks, public utility corridors, repurposed buildings, and disinvested land, we show how community organizations and residents are investing in urban community food systems to support their neighborhoods and region.

Traveling from the conference site to Maplewood, a first ring suburb, to the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods in the residential core of Saint Paul, this tour explores the ways that agricultural knowledge, food security imperatives, and work for equity for successive generations of migrants have shaped the food-land relationships of the Twin Cities.


North Minneapolis Community Food Systems Tour

Saturday August 11th 7:30 am – 2:00 pm

Join us on a community tour showcasing the local community food systems transformation taking place in North Minneapolis. The tour will feature a portfolio of innovative and interconnected projects addressing various challenges across the food cycle. This tour will highlight the work of community coalitions, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and food systems advocates that are at the forefront of converting the local food system in myriad ways.  Projects featured will share successes, challenges and lessons learned when designing and implementing new solutions to increase access to affordable, healthy and nutritious food in an area of the Twin Cities that the federal government has declared a “food desert.” Building community capacity and agency is a critical ingredient and the tour will be co-hosted by Greater Twin Cities United Way as part of their new Full Lives grant program and the Northside Fresh Coalition and will illuminate the importance of coalition work and community driven grant making strategies in supporting local food systems change.


UFSS 2022 LOCATION – Kansas City, Missouri

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